Thursday, 12 January 2017

Taking For Granted

It is common human nature to ignore what we own. Our mind constantly wanders towards the things that we lack like a tongue automatically moving towards the gap left by an extracted tooth even though the remaining teeth are perfectly fine. As a result, we invite dissatisfaction and unhappiness in our life.
Just think – how fortunate we are to have a sound body and mind? Is it our birthright to have them? If yes, why are there physically and mentally challenged people in our society? Aren’t all humans supposed to have an equal claim to such features? Unfortunately, those who have perfect bodies and minds hardly ever appreciate them as if they were entitled to get those valueless entities and destined to find something else.
If one feels that their body is useless, are they ready to trade any part of their body for something like money? At least, not me. I would not exchange any part of my body for anything available in the whole world; I would hope for you to hold the same view.
We only realise the importance of a healthy body and mind when something goes wrong. For example, when one falls seriously ill, they are ready to sacrifice everything that they possess just to feel normal again. After all, with the help of our body and mind, we enjoy the beauty of this world. But the problem is, in ordinary situations their value goes unnoticed.
Secondly, we take our family relationships for granted. We never bother to stop and think about how much time and energy we spend to sustain a certain relationship. In a typical Nepali household, strained relationships between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, a husband and wife, or a parent and child can often be found. When it is clear that we need all these relationships, why not make them beautiful and look out for everyone’s happiness?

In my experience, one of the main reasons behind a family argument is one party wanting the other to follow its principles in life, which is almost impossible when both parties are capable of thinking for themselves. Tensions arise. No one is ready to use other people’s perspective and think through the problem. In such a situation, only problems are seen, never solutions.
Family tensions can easily be settled with the help of an open conversation considering everyone’s views. Usually, what happens is that the senior members dismiss the ideas of the junior ones and label them useless, which is not true at all. Likewise, the latter bunch thinks that the oldies never understand their problems. As a result, a fair discussion is out of the question and all members involved think that they are the victim. Unnecessarily, they themselves make their relationship complicated or dysfunctional.
If we simply value and take care of ourselves and our relationships, which are always available to us, our lives will be happy, rich and more fulfilling. Self-worth and family support make a solid foundation to achieve other successes, such as academic success, career success or monetary success. Thus, ignoring our own productive body, mind and warm family relationships and yearning for something beyond our reach will never be in our favour; it will only ever lead to more suffering.

(Published in an English Daily The Rising Nepal on Friday, January 13, 2017) 
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