Saturday, 27 September 2014

I got my answer

I have my reasons to be a vegetarian. I believe that the bodily pain felt by human beings is not any different from the pain of voiceless animals. When we kill them to serve our purpose to get meat they suffer; terribly suffer. It is true that every living being whether it is a plant or an animal feels pain. Because of this sometimes I used to ponder, "It feels good that I don't eat meat. At least I can spare those poor things. But there is a life in plants too! Am I not being cruel by eating them? Then what should I eat for my survival?" I would not get any logical answer and I got disappointed.

Luckily my question has been answered recently by a yogi. According to him even though plants do indeed feel pain, it is proved scientifically that a plant's pain is very little that it is almost not registered after a cut unlike in animals who feel tremendous amount of pain.

It is another reality that I should eat something to survive. Again, it is a biological fact that no living being exists without nutrients. So as human beings we also have to eat something that has vitality or life force within it. We can not eat non-living entities, such as rocks or soil.

It is justified to eat something with a life force to be alive but at the same time we can choose to eat those living beings which have the least amount of pain and plants are the best choice for this. This explanation makes me feel better to think that well, I am not doing injustice to the plant kingdom.

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