Thursday, 25 September 2014

One Size Fits All

Setting aside conference papers, we were chilling in our hotel room in Cape Town, South Africa. Our supervisor Marie was engrossed on a book while my friend Olive began rummaging her suitcase. After a couple of minutes, Olive whispered in a best possible low voice, "Benu!" I looked at her curiously. She was chuckling. Smiling back at her, I lifted my eyebrows which meant, "What?" She brandished something. I went to her bed and took the 'thing' in my hands and examined to see what it was. Oh, it was an underwear! A funny-looking disposable underwear!

Until that point I had only heard of the disposable underwear that people particularly prefer them while travelling for a couple of reasons. For instance, they want to reduce the amount of clothing they need to pack and carry and they can get rid of dirty laundry too, because the 'disposable' itself suggests that they are used once and thrown away. Easy. Now Olive was showing me this magic underwear.

We started tossing it around. Believe me, it was so strange-looking and we could not resist ourselves from making fun of it. We would  throw and stretch it between us. What amused us the most was that it was highly stretchable! Playing with it we began to burst into laughter. "What happened?" Marie asked. Ouch! Absorbed in our own amusement we completely forgot that Marie was reading and we did not want to disturb her.

Now there was no escape. Marie caught us. Hesitatingly Olive showed her the centre of our attraction. Excitedly I said, "Look Marie, it does not have any size. You can stretch it as much as you like." Then Olive added, "Who wears this underwear on this earth?" At the same time, she was stretching it so that Marie could also have a good look.

Marie looked at us, smiled and made her brilliant comment, "Oh, any woman in the world, regardless of her shape and size can slip into this underwear, girls." 

She was absolutely right because the undies could be fit for the mythological Gorgon sisters to the modern day skinny models. Her comment made us laugh even harder but this time Marie also joined us. Oh God! We laughed and laughed, I even do not know, for how long.

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