Friday, 3 October 2014

Higher Purpose

I always remember an interview with Dalai Lama, a renowned spiritual leader, where the interviewer asked him whether he does not have sexual desire at all. Dalai Lama answered this question honestly. He said that being a human he of course sometimes has sexual desire, but he does not give any importance to such desires. At such vulnerable moments he thinks about the welfare of the universe, such as how to eradicate the world poverty or how to maintain the world peace. Against these higher purposes of life the petty personal sex desire melts away within no time.

In another instance, Radhanath Swami explains that how his parents decided not to get divorced for the sake of their children. He recounts an incident when he was eight years old. He was observing his mother applying mascara on her eye-lashes one morning. Then his mother turned to him and said, "Everyone loves me and your father but unfortunately we don't love each other." The little boy was devastated when he heard this. He did not say anything but rushed outside and disappeared for the whole day. For his satisfaction, in the same evening his parents put aside all their personal problems and disputes and got united to serve their purpose to look after their children together.

We can see in our surroundings that families are getting split, children are getting abused or old people are getting abandoned. If we think deeply, we find out that mainly these happenings are the consequences of people's selfishness. They think about themselves or their comfort only. They are
not ready to make any adjustments in their lifestyle to accommodate others' needs as well. Their world is basically surrounded by I, My and Me.

If one gets more open and thinks about his/her higher purpose instead of limiting themselves within personal affairs all the time they could contribute tremendously to themselves, to their families, to their communities and ultimately to the entire universe. When we all think this way and act accordingly the world will definitely be a better place.    
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