Tuesday, 31 March 2015

No Big Deal

In the journey of life, we come across many people and encounter  many incidents. We forget most of them in no time while a few remain glued to our memory as long as we live. There was an incident which happened recently and it has been tattooed into my memory.

My family was about to leave Australia for good. We needed to transfer some of our savings into a bank account in Nepal. Since we had been living in Australia for seven years, our bank accounts in Nepal were dormant. So my husband and I decided to send the money to my brother-in-law's account.

We chose MoneyGram, a money transfer company, for this purpose. The agent was surprised and nearly fell off his chair when my husband told him the receiver's name. He stared at us with disbelief and said, "I understand this is your life time savings and you must have researched thoroughly, but how come you trust someone else ?"

Ah...we had not thought about that. We trusted him as we trust each other. There was not a speck of doubt on the chosen person so my spouse and I chuckled looking at each other. The agent's facial expression seemed to convey his fear for our money; he was trying his best to save our hard-earned money. My husband consoled him, "Yeah, it's difficult to trust other people while it comes to money but this brother of ours is like a father figure to us. He would not ever betray our trust. Even if he does end up betraying us, we won't be filled with regret, but we would move forward and start earning again. If by some miracle that happens, we'll never trust any other living being again." The poor fellow gaped and couldn't say any words of wisdom except for, "I sincerely hope that you don't lose all your money." My husband added jokingly, "Look brother, I'll definitely let you know if anything goes wrong." The agent opposed hastily, "No! No! Don't do that. I'll feel bad."

Now it was my turn to express my opinion. I said, "Yes, the world is full of corruption. People kill each other even for  a small amount of money, and ours is quite a big amount so it would be devastating to lose it all. Yet, there are some human values which are still prominent in society, and trust is the most beautiful one. When you trust someone, you trust without any doubt. The world can not run without trust." Both gentlemen agreed.

A month later, my husband wrote to the agent and let him know that all the business was completed
without any hassle. He replied to the email in a minute and said,"Sorry for the doubts I created. You people are so nice. Now I believe that life is not always full of bad people. I salute your guardian, who you guys trusted unconditionally."

Yes, it's true. No matter how corrupted the world is, on the flip side human values are intact. If you detach yourself from the materialistic world for a while and look inside, you will see these values clearly. Isn't this beautiful? Isn't this incredible?

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